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Every Design is Different...

Good landscape design demands attention to both form and function. Our individualized approach for every client considers the lifestyle and activities that the space will support or surround.

We understand the importance of working with you to plan a design that satisfies your desires and works within your budget.

Here are questions to consider when thinking about design:

  • What is the look you're after or the statement you want this space to convey?
  • What elements make up that look?
  • What kinds of activities will happen in and around this space? 
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the timeline of the project?

Every beautiful landscape scene starts with good planning.The beauty of the finished product - whether a streamlined paver walkway, an engaging private retreat or a bright bulb garden - depends on good design as the foundation layer.

We understand the importance of planning to meet the lifestyle and desires of the users of the site, whether it's a business, organization or a family residence. Strathmeyer Landscape maximizes the available space and budget to best meet the wishes of our clients.

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backyard before landscaping renovation

Backyard Before Landscaping Renovation

backyard after landscape renovation with hardscape patio and walways

Backyard Before Landscaping Renovation


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